The Perfect Lips for 2022

Whatever your goals and plans for 2022, one thing is for sure, you're better off facing them with some great lipsticks. Sliding on some lipstick will help you sail through life with confidence from work meetings to first dates, family get togethers to laid back long weekends.

Lipstick Lifts Your Confidence

Whether you go full make up and finish it off with a bold and beautiful scarlet or you prefer the more muted nude tones - lipstick can really lift your look. But more importantly, knowing you look good can make you feel good - it boosts your self esteem. And plenty of research has shown it can make you feel more confident.  In fact, 85% of women interviewed for a 2011 study on lipstick use said that lipstick made them feel more confident, whilst 82% said it made them feel good about themselves. 

You may not always have time to do your makeup and style your hair and choose the perfect outfit - but lipstick can instantly lift your look and mood. It just makes everything in your day a little better. 

Choosing The Right Lipstick

The 'right' lipstick is the lipstick that you love. The one that makes you feel great. And lipsticks are such an easy way to play around with different looks - if you want to try out some bold, scarlet tones then check out our Reds or Berrys. Or opt for the subtle, go anywhere, everyday elegance of the Confidence collection nude shades. 
If in doubt check out our lipstick quiz to help you choose a shade. 

Applying Lipstick Perfectly 

One of the best things about lipstick is that applying it takes seconds. If you're in a hurry, grab your favourite Karen Murrell lipstick, pucker up in front of the mirror and slide on to your top and bottom lip. Press your lips together, check the mirror - and you're ready to go. 
If you have a little more time on your hands then you can also opt for a lip pencil. You can use them to enhance the shape of your lips, so applied just outside your lip line they can give an instantly fuller appearance. 
Karen Murrell lipsticks use 100% natural and quality ingredients which are formulated to nourish and hydrate lips all day long. And our long lasting lip colour also means you don't have to keep reapplying during the day. 

Lip Care

Most of us think about skincare, but forget about lip care. But lips can really benefit from a little extra attention when you have time.
Gently remove dry skin with some light exfoliation from the Karen Murrell Sugar Scrub made with beautiful natural ingredients and sugar particles. It will leave your lips clean and nourished. For a little extra moisture and nourishment follow up with the Karen Murrell Moisture Stick

Lipstick The 2022 Essential

Karen Murrell lipsticks are beautifully packaged, easy and quick to apply, convenient to pop in your bag or your pocket and packed full of nourishing ingredients. And best of all - they make you look and feel great. What a way to start the year!