The Need To Know About Winter Lips

When winter comes around, the darker evenings and chilly days have us changing up our wardrobes. Out go the strappy summer dresses and jandals, in come the scarves and jackets. And often we change up our lipstick colours too. So what do you need to know to get the lipstick right in winter?

Get The Basics Right

First things first, don't neglect the basics and in winter that means a little extra lip care. Chilly weather and indoor heating come play havoc with your skin and lips, leaving them dry and a little flaky. We recommend exfoliating your lips at least once a week try our natural Sugar Scrub for some gentle exfoliation. Then apply a little extra moisture and hydration with a Moisture Stick.

Maximum Moisturiser In Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Whatever lipstick colour you choose in winter make sure it is moisturizing. This will mean that you don't end up with patchy looking colour on dehydrated lips. 

We know how important this is. So at Karen Murrell all our lipsticks contain natural ingredients to give a boost of nourishment whilst you wear them. Avocado oil, shea butter and evening primrose oil or hydrate and nourish behind the scenes - and there are no nasties that dry out the skin. So you don't only look great in our lipsticks but your lips feel great too.

Pops Of Colour - Rich Reds to Lush Berries

One popular option for winter lips is to amp up the color  and often we turn to  the richer shades at this time of year. So think dark, luscious reds like True Love with its flattering blue undertones or Seduction for the ultimate scarlet glamour. Fans of red lipsticks should check out our fabulous new Empowered Collection with its five beautiful reds.  

Alternatively, dark berry shades like Magenta Moon can bring an extra wow to winter makeup looks. 

 And there’s no need to hide pinks away till spring. Shades like the deep, daring pink of Fuschia Shock is perfect for adding a pop of colour to dark winter outfits and grey days. 

Can I Wear Nude Shades In Winter?

If you love nude shades and you've got one that just makes you feel awesome whenever you put it on - you wear it whenever you like. We don't think makeup should be about rules - it should be about what makes you feel your best. So, yes, you absolutely can wear a nude shade in winter - these versatile, subtle colours like Cordovan Natural can work perfectly with casual or classic winter outfits. 

For a selection of nude shades try our Nude Lip Palette - which brings together five of our most popular nude shades.

Experiment With Colour

If you don't normally go for the more vibrant colours, then try them. They really can add a gorgeous pop of colour to your look - all too often we fall into a rut with our makeup. Or we once wore a pink lipstick in our teens and now those old photos make us shudder. But there are vibrant colours that suit everyone - find the right one and you'll feel great, confident and ready to face the world.  

Try something new in our Virtual Powder Room. Or experiment with our Bright Lip Palette - five bright shades that will bring a little extra fun to your makeup.