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The Full Guide To Red Lipstick

by Pattie Pegler 14 Apr 2022

When it comes to lipstick red is one of the all time classic colours. And it's no surprise - it's super versatile and there are so many shades that there is a red to suit just about everyone.

Shades of Red

Like most colours, red has a whole range of tones from rich crimsons to vibrant scarlets and lighter coral type shades. Some reds have cool, blue undertones others have warmer more orangey tones. 

 A lot of people love reds with blue undertones - of course, this doesn't mean that the lipstick itself is blue, it just means it has tones of blue in it. It's often easier to see the difference in undertones when you place two colours together side by side. But generally those deep rich reds have blue undertones like True Love. They are considered very flattering on most skin types and are particularly suited for fairer complexions. They also have the added benefit of making teeth appear whiter. 

For those with a warmer or more olive skinned complexions then orange toned reds can also look great. Try something like Rymba Rhythm with its intense, fiery tones. 


What Red To Wear When

If you have a regular red lipstick that makes you feel great - well, honestly, you can wear it just about anywhere. Why not?

But red lipsticks are particularly good for adding a touch of glamour to a fully made up look, or for a classically elegant look with more muted makeup. You can wear it to the office, to the shops, out to dinner - wherever you like. 

Red Lipstick Makes You Feel Good

 You might think you feel more ready to face the world with your red lipstick on - and science agrees. Red is a powerful colour and there have been several studies done on the impact of wearing red lipstick both on the wearer and those around them. 

A 2011 study suggests that women who wear bold makeup in the workplace are perceived to be more competent. And one study from France saw that waitresses wearing red lipstick received tips of 50% more than their bare lipped counterparts. 

But ultimately, the most important thing is how red lipstick makes you feel. And a lot of women say it makes them feel more confident and ready to face the day ahead. And that's what really counts, whether you're at Zoom meetings all day or heading to the office.  

What Red To Wear With What Colours

 With so many reds to choose from you can be sure you'll find one to go with any outfit.

The classic Red Shimmer will bring a little chic to a casual navy T-shirt and jeans as well as to a little black dress. 

Try the summer brights of Coral Dawn to add a little fun to a crisp olive green linen or a white summer dress.  

Play around with colours and have fun with them - a bright yellow dress can look stunning with a rich, red lipstick. Red and a bold green is also a great pairing. And look for online inspiration and you'll even find celebrities rocking red dresses and red lipstick. So don't be afraid to experiment and if you really want to try a new lipstick colour - check out our fantastic virtual mirror where you can see what various shades look like on you. 

 Tips and Tricks For Applying Red Lipstick

Once you've chosen the red for you make sure you look your absolute best by applying it right. Start off by exfoliating any dry skin from lips, use the Karen Murrell Sugar Scrub and then smooth on a little moisturising lip balm.

If you're using a lip pencil apply this next. These can be great for further definition as well as stopping feathering at the side of the lips. We recommend using a lip pencil that is in the same shade range as your lipstick. For example, if you use our Red Shimmer Lipstick we would recommend you try our signature red True Love Lip Pencil (20).

Next apply your lipstick to the top and bottom lips. You can then blot with a thin piece of tissue if you wish and apply a second coat. Lastly, if you're using a lip pencil use the brush at one end to blend the lipstick with the outline for a nice, natural looking finish. And that's it - you're ready to face the world. 

And remember - Karen Murrell lipsticks are clean, nourishing and long-lasting. So you don't need to worry about any nasty chemicals or constant reapplying of your lipstick. 

Check out our full range of reds


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