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Lip Pencils: How To Choose And How To Use

by Pattie Pegler 30 Nov 2021

No lip pencil in your makeup bag? Well you're missing out. 

A good lip pencil is the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to looking good all day long. Slim line and easy to fit in even the smallest purse, one of our all natural, high quality Karen Murrell lip pencils will help take your look to the next level. 

The Benefits of Lip Pencil

Our lip pencils perfectly compliment our lipsticks and can be used to give a more defined look by outlining lips. Applied just on the edge of your natural lip line they can also give an instant fuller appearance to lips and prevent any 'bleeding' of lipstick.

And, on a practical level, they are long-lasting and stop any transfer of colour when eating or drinking - so your lips stay looking great all day long. You can even use our lip pencils on their own - no lipstick required - if you want a more matte look finish to your lips. 

Choosing A Lip Pencil

If you're planning to use your lip pencil alongside your lipstick then try to choose a complimentary colour. That doesn't mean it has to be exactly the same colour, although that can work, it just means you probably want your lipstick and lip pencil to be from the same colour family. So if you have a pink toned lipstick you probably want a pink toned lip pencil. 

For example, if you use our Red Shimmer Lipstick we would recommend you try our signature red True Love Lip Pencil (20) . If you are a dedicated devotee of our blusher tones like Pink Scarlet lipstick, we'd suggest matching that with a pinker tone pencil like Violet Mousse Lip Pencil (05).

So just be sure that the products belong to the same colour family if it is not the same colour as the actual lipstick itself


Applying Lip Pencil

Before you start, make sure your lips are moisturised and ready to apply makeup. You wouldn't put foundation on dry skin - don't put lip pencil on dry lips. 

(If you need some help with lip care then try our awesome Sugar Scrub for lips - regular use keeps your lips exfoliated, moisturised and nourished.)

Take your lip pencil and starting from the top corner of your lip, just follow the lip line with short natural strokes and don't press too hard. Our lip pencils are soft and smooth and will not drag but do use a light touch. If you want to give a slightly fuller lip look you can line just on the very outer edge of your natural lip line but go subtle. 

When you've completed an outline, then you can either continue to fill in the lips with the pencil - if you're using this as your sole lip colour. Or with the outline completed, fill in the lips with your regular lipstick. Then flip your lip pencil and use the brush on the other end to blend slightly if you do not want the outer line too defined. 

Looking After Your Lip Pencil

Our Karen Murrell natural lip pencils look after themselves - you need less on your to do list not more! When you find the pencil getting a little blunt you can simply use a good quality pencil sharpener to gently bring it back to a point. 

So add a little lip pencil to your makeup bag - you won't look back!

Shop the full Karen Murrell lip pencil range

 Here is the complete list of our lip pencil shades and the lipsticks they match with.  

02 Lip Pencil

  • Cordovan natural lipstick
  • Orchid bloom lipstick
  • Sand storm lipstick
  • Haute Boheme Lipstick
  • Fiery Ruby Lipstick
  • Determined lipstick
  • Crown Jewel lipstick
  • Desire Lipstick
  • Courageous Lipstick
  • Graceful lipstick

 05 Lip Pencil

  • Pink Starlet lipstick
  • Violet mousse lipstick
  • Scarlett blaze lipstick
  • Bordeaux rouge lipstick
  • Driven lipstick
  • Blushing rose lipstick

08 Lip Pencil

  • Coral dawn lipstick
  • Rymba Rhythm lipstick
  • Temptation lipstick
  • Freedom Lipstick 

13 Lip Pencil

  • Pink Starlet Lipstick
  • Fuchsia shock lipstick
  • Magenta Moon lipstick
  • Lavender Laughter lipstick
  • Carnation mist lipstick
  • Sugar rush lipstick
  • Camellia morning lipstick

15 Lip Pencil

  • Peony petal lip stick

20 Lip Pencil

  • Red shimmer lipstick
  • Seduction lipstick
  • Passion lipstick
  • Fiery ruby lipstick
  • True love lipstick








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