Find Your New Love Collector's Set


Karen Murrell have created a stunning, luxurious, limited edition twenty piece collection set for you to ‘Find Your New Love’. Twenty beautiful, top selling Karen Murrell lipstick shades, each encased in her new luxurious gold canister and adorned with her new hand painted, enchanting feminine prints. Designed specially so you can experiment with striking natural colour, discover your new favourite shades, and see how beautiful lipstick can brighten your day!

The complete Karen Murrell set includes classic reds, playful pinks, head-turning coral and vibrant berries, along with versatile nudes and a moisture stick to condition and protect your lips: 01 Moisture Stick, 02 Cordovan Natural, 03 Pink Starlet, 04 Red Shimmer, 05 Violet Mousse, 06 Carnation Mist, 07 Fuchsia Shock, 08 Coral Dawn, 09 Sand Storm, 10 Magenta Moon, 11 Scarlet Blaze, 12 Rymba Rhythm, 13 Camellia Morning, 14 Orchid Bloom, 15 Peony Petal, 16 Lavender Laughter, 17 Poppy Passion, 18 Sugar Rush, 19 Racy Rata, 20 True Love

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